Becca's Life!

By BeccaP

London and the music of St Pancras

Sanja was working, so I spent the first hour or my day with coffee and a good book in a Brighton Starbucks, then headed on the first off-peak train to London. After a wee (cheap) wander along Oxford Street I met Sanja for a goodbye lunch (another baked potato in Tavistock Square!) then headed to Kings Cross / St Pancras, too early for my train back to Scotland so allowing plenty time to watch people of all ages and abilities entertain the crowd with the resident piano at St Pancras International. It made me smile - great idea, especially for those who wouldn't normally get a chance to play or listen.

Then the long train ride home, watching out the window most of the journey. I want to walk the coastline around Berwick one day - so beautiful!

Bye bye Sanja - see you in Stockholm before too long!

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