Drays' Holiday

Every year the Wadworth Shire Horses have a fortnight off from their daily delivery duties and are taken to a field in Poulshot. Once upon a time they were led down the Caen Hill canal towpath and along the lane to Poulshot, but nowadays they arrive in a big articulated transporter.

Max, Monty and Prince were due at The Raven pub in Poulshot for their pre-holiday pint of Wadworth's 6X at noon, and Christiescruff and I were there in good time to see them.

The lorry arrived fifteen minutes early and they could be heard clumping their hooves on the side of the truck, impatient to get out. Max was the first to be led out, followed by Monty and then Prince, and they were prepared with all their bits, bridles, reins and so forth before proceeding to the car park at The Raven. The lane was lined with well-wishing onlookers and radio reporters.

They were soon lined up in front of the pub surrounded by admirers and each given their holiday pint. They have such wonderful temperaments that they seemed completely unphased by the pressing attentions of the throng. All too soon, five minutes later in fact, accompanied by the well-wishers, they were on their way to the field up the road, and there were relieved of much of their headgear and released into the bottom field, and, to the crowd's delight, allowed to galloped freely around the field, kicking their magnificent hooves into the air, and eventually settling down to graze and groom each other. One of the minders made a show of approaching the three with some headgear and they all turned and ran, to great applause.

When the crowds had departed they would be moved into the second field where they would remain for the next two weeks.


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On Holiday

The Wadworth Shires Go On Holiday, 9 August 2013 (Flickr set)

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