Nick Oliveri

Once he was in QOTSA, played in Dwarf and Kyuss, but was kicked out.

Yesterday evening he played in a cafe in Tilburg. I was there to take some photos for a nationwide popmusic site (3voor12).

Nick was late, very late. The show started 2 hours later due to traffic jams and drinking (tequilas) beforehand. Few people came to see him play.

During his stagetime he managed to drink a few rounds more of tequila and beer, and he started babbling more than playing. Unfortunately his guitar strings broke 3 times which resulted in swearing, cursing and really bad jokes. There was no one to back him up because he was the only one on stage.

He actually played some songs, some of his own, most were covers of bands he'd played in. This is one of his spare moments of concentration and screaming in the microphone whilst playing his sticker-covered guitar.

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