occhi verdi

By occhiverdi

muchas gracias, y'all

looking back on my blips for each day that i'm just now getting around to uploading (a month later, as usual), i was wondering why in the world i would have taken a stupid photo of a take out box.

and then i looked to see what day it was for.. and it clicked.

this box of take-out mexican food was the sweetest release i could have asked for this friday.

i needed it. i ate it. (two meals at once, mind you.) and then i slept off a migraine on the couch for about 7 hours because i got out of clinic early today.
much needed. so i'm thankful for this horrible photo because of what it stands for. as cheesy as that is. that's what blip is to me.

plus, this was the only photo i took today. those days are the worst. :)

there's a light at the end of this tunnel. but then there's another tunnel. i know that now.. looking back a month at a time. it is what it is.

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