By eightthirty

move over

8:30 and manning the (small) lighting rig at KCC as Chasing Owls are in the throes of their gig.

Communication is a wonderful gift. It's also something I am both good and terrible at.

A full day of family things - walking dogs, seeing the visiting aunt-and-uncle-in-law, gala day parade with the weeWeir (all Dorothied up and looking cute), gala day stalls and rides for a short time, then home for a few moments before collecting eldest nephew and heading to set up for the final event of the Connected Arts Festival we've been running at KCC.

A relaxed set up, the late-arriving band had missed some details of their pre-gig information that would have been helpful to know in advance, but grace prevails and the soundcheck went okay.

As I wasn't needed on sound, I offered to cover the lighting board and give Haxton a night off. Wasn't my best performance, but no one left blind...

It's great to have the chance to use this kind of gear again.

After a great show (opened by the outstanding Cully), it was time to reconfigure for Sunday morning at KCC.

The end of the festival is here - it's been a series of great events. Diverse, high-quality artists and a cracking exhibition. A privilege to be part of.

And, after dropping the boi off, home to rest.

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