By monochrome

If music be the food of love...

... we'd starve. They only thing left after last week's gutting of the study (to make it into the baby's room) was the CD collection. Despite having been together for nigh on ten years, and having lived together for five of those years, the CD collection was actually two collections - the wife's and mines. She had her shelves, I had mine. Despite her having some respectable titles in her's - Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, Foo Fighters etc - there were also more than a few howlers (I'll not name names to save her embarrasment), so there was no way that I was intermingling my respectable titles (well, in my opinion anyway, I'm sure she'd disagree) with hers.

However, babies mean change, so it was finally time to sort through the CDs, removing doublers, howlers and some that we just don't listen to and won't listen to again. The plan is to buy a 120GB iPod and rip all of the CDs onto that, thus allowing us to put all the CDs up in the loft, out of the way. So, that's another job added to my list of things to do...

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