By treegonk

Changing Tides

Day two of the All-Energy conference in Aberdeen.

I went to some of the workshops and seminars and spent hours getting lost in the exhibition of renewable energy technology and alternative power thingies.

This is a model of a tidal turbine. It's all great stuff, but hardly any of it makes economic sense without grant support just now. Scotland & the UK have a massive opportunity to benefit from all this, but I wonder how long we can keep it here.

When a Scottish company developed some new wave power technology, they had to sell it to Portugal, because some politicians here thought it wasn't worth supporting. Like we don't have much coastline or waves in this country, dumbos.

Drove home, un-packed the bags and packed them again, ready to go fishing tomorrow. I might find some new energy after all. :o)

Sorry not much time for comments at the moment.

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