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By ValleyAllBlack

Aberglasney - A hidden jewel of Wales!

After yesterday’s nightmare, today didn’t start out any better with the usual Bank Holiday dilemma dominating discussion. “Shall we go out? Where shall we go? Mumbles? Brecon? What about the traffic?” Blah blah!!

Thankfully we ended up at Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire! I’ve never been there before, and only heard about it through the BBC Restoration programme some years back. Well what an extremely pleasant surprise it was, it really was a most excellent day!

It was very busy when we arrived with the car park already full, but despite that the gardens are so big that you can always find peace and quiet, and there are plenty of benches to sit and relax. The gardens were in full bloom, and awash with colour and beauty and there were butterflies everywhere. A stunning place and a hidden gem in the countryside of Wales!

The food was excellent as well!

So if you’re in West Wales and you’re wondering what to do, get yourself to Aberglasney Gardens you won’t regret it! It’s simply beautiful!

You can see more pics from my day at Aberglasney here.

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