By samsticks

Cloud Bank

Spring is well and truly here after today's stirling effort. It's about as warm here today as it was in the UK a couple of weeks ago (aside from the 34 degree day...), and I was wearing shorts there in a typical English attempt to embrace the fact that, although chilly, it's Summer.

Not so here, although I left my jacket at home and adopted the relative freedom of just a light jumper... camping time is nearly upon us!!!!

Had a full-on day at work, which I left late, missed seeing Miles and then went out for rehearsal without Aaron. We've got a gig at Open Studio next Saturday so it was good to practice, even a man down.

The light was amazing on the way home, and this cloud bank was interesting in both shape and lighting, with the higher outer parts being much, much lighter than the main body. This shot doesn't do it justice, but again I was in a bit of a rush and, as is always the case in these times, the bloomin' camera screen wouldn't let me see what I'd taken. It's like I'm back in the film days, honestly!

Also found out I didn't win that photo comp, but as I said previously, it was great to be a finalist, so I'm happy with that result.

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