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By flashmaggie

Rural traffic jam

Anyone who's lived here for more than a year should know that August is harvest-time, and that means combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery to-ing and fro-ing until it's all done. One of my neighbours seems to have forgotten this. He went to work today, leaving a car parked in front of the house - a big car. The combine harvester, despite almost rolling into the ditch on the opposite side of the road, couldn't squeeze past. Nor could the baler behind it, or all the cars and vans that were stuck on either side. After about an hour, while farm staff ran from door to door, trying to find the driver, and a policewoman had tried and failed to get the car moved, the combine had to be reversed, very slowly and carefully, back the way it came. No room for a three-point turn here.

Apologies for the poor quality shot, but you can see the size of the problem.

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