occhi verdi

By occhiverdi


Awoke in a bit of a norco/phenergan daze. Last night was terrrrrrible.
I woke up feeling very grateful for my internist, Dr. Thomas, for calling me in some meds last night.

So I gave up caffeine yesterday. Went into withdrawal last night. Naturally, I'm going to say that going through caffeine withdrawal is akin to going through heroine withdrawal. And maybe that's only because I've never experienced the latter. God willing, I never will.

Took it easy today. Headache is still persisting but it's nothing compared to last night's. New migraine meds are on the horizon.. what I've been using for the past two years is apparently contraindicated in patients with vascular migraines. I don't want to have a stroke. Still, I'm apprehensive of the impending change.

I need a countdown of the days left in Corpus Christi. 23 days, I believe. And the rest of the weekends (3) will be spent elsewhere from here on out. I miss my apartment, my animal(s), my bed, my dvr, my (free) gym, my bathroom(s) with draining showers, functioning toilets, my wonderfully resilient AC, my kitchen, my washer and dryer, etc.
The number of really good Vietnamese restaurants here is really astonishing, however. I'm loving that. Give me a Combo Bun bowl any day. And I mean any day. wink wink.

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