This afternoon the GOG decided that as he was feeling good, he would drive the car round to our families home, so that he could give our grandchildren some camping equipment; Victoria is very keen to sleep in the garden in a tent.

He telephoned a few minutes ago to say that he had discovered that after messing around with tents and equipment, as well as sitting down to drink the coffee that had been made on one of the camping stoves that he did not think he could drive the car home, or even sit in it. Our son-in-law S has offered to drive the car home and Victoria is going to walk with the GOG!

I had suggested that he take his Entonox with him, but he decided against this; at least this has now shown beyond any doubt that he does need the medication and Entonox.

I am currently continuing to update the Grumpy Old Git's journal some of the time, with words and pictures to produce a record and to inform anyone who is interested in his progress.
Susan - Arkensiel

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