Out with the Old

I recently realised thay my favourite Merrel shoes for day-to-day use are knackered. The soles have lost their tread and are nearly worn through in a few places. They are looking a wee bit scruffy too. They were a gift from the lovely MrsCyclops for my birthday a few years ago so they have lasted very well.

Today I bought their replacements. Trying the new ones on made me realise just how decrepit the old ones were in terms of comfort too...

I also bought myself a lovely new shirt with vouchers I got for my birthday six weeks ago - I hadn't got round to spending them as most of August was taken up with festival-going!

That wasn't the only birthday related shopping going on, since it is MrsCyclops' birthday in just a few days... That shopping is all very hush-hush though...

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