MeriRand & the NW Passage

By randra

Independence and Our Rights

This is where the magic happened!

Took B to Independence Hall in Philadelphia after dropping mom for her flight. B learned a bit of US history, and I refreshed my memory. It's so very strange to see the seats where George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and all those other guys I can vaguely recall (or do not know at all) made decisions which have shaped the lives of perhaps everyone around the world. Who could have known what that experiment would yield almost 240 years later, and indeed, who knows what lies ahead!

Arguments and discourse are good, but it is compromise that is productive. We really need to get out of this "us vs. them" funk- not just within the States, but outside of it as well. I think we've got some pretty large global problems looming that will either send us into a raging every-man (or country)-for-himself, or see us banding together to do what's right for all (in the long run.) There's something magical about this place. I'll put it down as "hope" for lack of a better word.

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