Remember these...

Like most folks my age, with children, there are boxes of photographs just piled high and in absolutely no order whatsoever! I've spent the past few days going thro all of them...i'm about 2/3rds of the way thro, pulling out lots of them, to scan and put on a disc. My main motivation is visiting Morgan who is out in Vancouver. I realised that with the family in such a splintered fashion: me on the east coast, their dad in Muskoka, Morgan out west and Bronwyn in Muskoka....with no remaining 'family home' i needed to pull together images that can give them a sense of their history. Also, with their maternal grandparents, when alive, living in Scotland, they didn't have a sense of my childhood and relatives! So, i'm having an absolutely fabulous time drifting back down the many different paths of my life! I know that when i was about their age (25) i started to get much more interested in and questioning off, my family and relatives, and mine were all in the one place, so i know they will get a lot of satisfaction when they can see where they came from!

It's also really funny to see myself 10, 20 even 30 years ago......and often i am reminded how much i loved a particular dress and wonder where it is now! mind you, not that any of them would fit me now!!! That's the other thing.....i'm now going to be much more appreciative of how i look NOW, cos it's only going to get worse :P

A good productive day in the studio after yesterdays low energy! Lots made - hopefully the weather will warm up and things will dry in time for me to get all the orders etc thro the kiln before i head out west in a couple of weeks!!!

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