The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Counting the Money.....

BMJnr managed last night to install some hardware and software so we could talk to the Inverter that is managing the energy outout from my Solar Panel Array, he's a cleaver little devil when it comes to these sort of things.
Any how this was taken at about 9:30am this morning just before we left for the house to continue the decorating, as you can see, we were producing around 2.5Kw of electricity enough to send the meter round the wrong way again, ( I have contacted BG to get them to change the meter but to no avail). By the end of the day we had had our best day for generation, some 18 Kwh for the day and just hit 100Kwh for the Week too as it was installed last Wednesday.
At last I am earning money again be it on a small scale, but I have estimated that I will be getting a 14% return on Capital, not bad.

House is continuing I have managed to re-furbish the toilet cistern completely and stopped all the leaks too, new seat and new Bath panel to fit in the next few days, along with the shower curtain and that will be finished, on to the next room.

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