River of Flowers

By doffy


MrD spotted these this morning! I hope you can see the paler second rainbow above the main one.

It continued raining for a good part of the morning, then stopped! It's breezy and grey mid-afternoon, the washing (see yesterday) is slowly drying on the line!

I've been out in the garden. I rescued lots of small pots which were submerged under water. Also started taking cuttings which I hope will take so that I have little plants to share with friends and give to the NSPCC Plant Sale next Spring!

I picked another handful of runner beans to have with dinner, they have finally got going and I have really enjoyed them. Tomatoes are pathetic, courgette seem to have given up on me and all the brassicas are like skeletons having been seriously munched by the caterpillars! The joys of Gardening!

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