By Diarised

Quay side dining

We've had a busy day so far. Leo and I got up early for a swim in Tiverton and then had a lovely breakfast at the Bluebell restaurant in Willand.

Then we headed back to Cully to pick up mum and went to the quay in Exeter so that Leo could have a lovely bike ride around the cycle path. He must have cycled a far few miles as I have tracked over 5 miles on my Fitbit and Leo did plenty of circling around when he got too far ahead of us.

We stopped off for a bite to eat at the Jolly Roger on the Quay. As you can tell, it was thumbs up approval for his snack from Leo. He tucked into a lovely chocolate ice cream milkshake and crumpets with honey and fruit. It tasted as good as it looks.

Mum and I had lattes and scones with cream and jam. Delicious! Ninja Mum also killed another daft wasp - this time catching it in a napkin and squashing it with her nail as we were swatterless - mumsy is fearless!

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