City of the Dead

Walked out from the city centre and up along the High Street to the cathedral this morning. Not the prettiest of cathedrals from the outside, much more appealing on the inside though.

Always been meaning to head over this way, specifically to wander around the Necropolis, Victorian Glasgow's immense and impressive cemetery packed with monuments and mausoleums to the city's great and good (and wealthy). It's a blipper's paradise with a fantastic range of architecture and sculpture influenced by every corner of the world the merchants, industrialists and military travelled to in their time before settling here. Great views over the city too.

Spent a good while just wandering around taking in the atmosphere and, in fact, took a lot less photos than I normally would have. It's one of those places that it's better to experience than snap away at, though I'm sure I'll be back with a shutter finger vengeance at some point.

Found a nice puddle to squat in for this shot as I liked how it seems to show as much going on underground as above the surface, which, for a cemetery with 50,000 bodies buried in, I'm sure might well be the case.

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