Haberfield House 4

Another blip taken from the car.

I've been meaning to stop and take this for a long time, but it's tricky, as it's near a very busy intersection.

What I like about these pretty ordinary semis is that the Australian coat of arms is in the stucco above the doors.
What pride was taken in this new Federation house in this new Federation suburb.
The emu and kangaroo are holding up the shield.
It is often claimed these animals were chosen because neither animal can move backward, only forward - i.e. progress. In reality both animals can move backwards, but infrequently do.
That's more than you needed to know:)

If you're interested there's more about the suburb here.

Returned home after a couple of days in Sydney.
It was a shocking drive. Though it's barely spring it was 33' and wildly windy and the first bushfires of the season could be seen in the distance.
Time to get the gutters cleaned.

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