Cosmo Test

I got a new lens today for the DX format camera and thought I'd give it a test spin out in the garden. The light was pretty fantastic and I'm very pleased with the results.

After going to a Scott Kelby seminar, I decided that I needed an inexpensive walk-around lens for my D300. This one is made by Sigma and is 18mm - 250mm f3.5/5.6. It's not terribly fast, but it covers most situations. Since I can push this original D300 (no video and first generation) to 3200 ISO and beyond with virtually no noise, having a lens like this that's a 10th of the price of a fast zoom is really nice. Plus, 18-250 (effectively 27 - 375 on the DX) provides a good focal point range. For the cost, definitely a good choice. It also has macro capability too!

Enjoy (Square September)!

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