Bright Water

This is the lake as it looked this morning from our kitchen window and our deck. The water was brilliant white with sparkles. I had to take a photograph. I took more during the day but none lived up to this one. This is worth looking at large.

It was an interesting day. I had intended to rest a bit this morning as I overdid it yesterday helping Helena with her unpacking. However, sitting on a chair in our room were the towels that got liberated from the guest bathroom when Helena's towels arrived. In our bedroom area is the linen closet which was chuck full of towels from all eras of our existence. Time to do a major redo. So I laid them all out on the bed, packed up seven (!) large bags with stuff for the Goodwill and for rags, and reloaded the closet. Not restful for my body but great for the soul! Now we can actually see a shelf spot or two and the linens are the best ones, arranged in accessible order. Nice!

In the early afternoon I went to see the physician's assistant at my doctor's office about a small lump I had noticed in the front of my throat. After reading about various kinds of cancers I thought it was time to have it checked out. Turns out it is a thyroid bump and is 99% sure to be benign. But I did get a thyroid test and will have an ultrasound to get more info on what kind of bump it is. I am not worried but I am glad I had it checked.

Then we took Helena for an appointment and that pretty much filled the day. We had yummy craw fish in a mixture I made of chili, rice and craw fish along with some corn bread for dinner. Mmm. Quite delicious if I do say so myself.

Now it's time for a quiet evening playing games or watching telly. We deserve it. Hope your day and your evening is good.


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