First Day of Agility

Today, we took Archie along to have a "taster" of dog agility. And the verdict is in...

... he absolutely loved it! He had the best few hours ever, and now he's shattered!

Claire and I were a bit apprehensive at Archie being set free, as with so many other dogs going about (there were 10 in the field at once) we thought as soon as he got off the lead he'd be away!

Well, we started with jumps, and he was going over them like they weren't even there! He was jumping so high, all the people there were quite impressed with him! He did have one wee moment to himself... when he decided to pin his ears back and do three or four laps of the entire field... but once he got the excess adrenaline from having so many friends to play with, he was fine.

Second (after the jumps), was the "Dog Walk", which he took to without any apprehension what-so-ever. He was loving it.

Third on the list was the A-Frame. We weren't sure if he'd really like to go over it, as it was about 6ft high (and he's only a small doggy!), but he went over it with no issues and was so happy in fact, he ran over it a few times for no treats! He was lapping it up!

Lastly, was the thing we REALLY weren't sure about. The tunnel. I don't know why we weren't sure about it, because he again loved it! He went through it half a dozen times with no hesitation, and was just having the best fun!

I don't think his tail has wagged this much... ever! He's so contented tonight.

He's now booked up for a full time agility course, starting sometime in october.

Thank you to Fast 'n' Furious Dog Agility Club for a brilliant morning! Claire and I loved it almost as much as Archie did.

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