By airedaleknitter

The 15.30

As Mr H is somewhat incapacitated in the way of dog walking, Reggie and I had a lovely walk up through the woods and back down through St Ives, to burn off some of his excess energy. I am afraid that two very short on lead walks don't satisfy the needs of a 14 month old Airedale and that is all he has had Thurs and Friday. He , and I, had a great time. The weather was bright and sunny and warm enough to be out with out a jacket, so with tomorrows forecast I made the most of it. In St Ives, I passed two Chinese ladies with two large baskets of mushrooms they'd been picking. They looked lovely but I think I'll stick to Blackberries.

As I came back into the village I met Corinthian Column, Jeanneb53, and Wilsden Walker all outside the church waiting to see Yorkshirebred's daughter arrive for her wedding. Sadly I didn't have my camera (or my phone) with me , and as I didn't want to risk an Airedale Terrier fresh from a swim in the bog getting anywhere near a bride I headed home. I did however see Yorkshirebred and the bridesmaids go past in the car, and they all looked stunning.

Mr H is now bored - goodness knows what he will be like by the time he is fully recovered. So that he saw a change of scenery we went for a coffee at the buffet car at Oxenhope Railway Station. we then sat and waited for the 15.30 to arrive so that I could get a blip. Miss H came with us, and was concerned that we were turning into train spotters! She will worry if I get him a jigsaw to do!

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