What is it?

Can you guess? Answer is below if you are impatient.

Not very nice today, started pretty enough but the weather deteriorated shortly after breakfast and it's been cool and wet all day. My better half as the in the garden this morning moving stuff around and collect about 3 kg of green-gages from our tree that were damaged or had fallen on their own - they aren't really ripe enough to eat as they are. I'd already picked up about 2 kg of wind fallen apples from a friend on Friday so it seem liked like a good idea to cook stuff up.

We started my combining about 200 g of apple with 800 g of plum to make a batch of jam. Once that was jammed and the pans cleaned up I did a second batch of plum jam and made apple sauce from the rest of the apples. We now have 8 jars of green-gage jam, half with apples and half on their own. My better half will shortly make a plum tart from the rest of the green-gages.

Next I think I'll make a nice cup of tea to wash the sugar down and then it's more ironing - we need the space in the spare room as we're having the old double glazing removed and replacing with modern triple glazing and the work men turn up on Monday and the spare room is going to be one of the first to be done.

Well have you identified the blip yet? It's a device that my better half bought for me in a jamming kit. It's for grabbing hold of hot jam jars and moving them about. It may look silly but it's very useful.

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