a day in the life of Jack

By jacksmom726


I haven't been here in a while. Life seems to get in the way sometimes.

But I realized something....life is passing by too quickly. Jack turned 7 this summer, he's now in the 2nd grade. Where did that time go?

I don't want to forget the little things, the everyday, mundane and 'not-so-mundane' parts of my life. This journal won't always be about Jack...but I'm sure he'll be a major part of it. I might write a few paragraphs, I might write a couple of words, I might not write anything.

It might just be an image of something I see in my house, something that may seem boring to you, or maybe it might even seem very familiar. I want to appreciate the 'small stuff' as well as the 'big stuff' in my life...I want something to look back on to help me remember all of the little things and the big things.

I hope you will take the time to look at my journal, comment when you can. I miss so many people here in Blipland.

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