Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Hereford: The rules of engagement...

Hereofordshire's young open exhibition at St Peters Church, Hereford runs until the end of September. Its an opportunity for recent graduates to showcase their work.

For new artists, designers, photographers and craftspeople, having the talent and producing the work is only half the battle. As for many seasoned practitioners, marketing themselves and their product and selling is much harder. City exhibitions such as this and timed in conjunction with H.art week allows the students to ride the wave of a week long public awareness of Art in Herefordshire. Its also a chance for students to meet potential buyers and most importantly be conscious of the 'market' for their product.

Catherine Wynne-Paton's exhibition explores communication. I found it fascinating that whilst it was not the most obvious or conventional subject matter, it was certainly relevant.

In a world where we battle to keep peoples noses from engaging with their mobile devices, or connected with an online hemisphere. The real world of face to face and written language is a rarer commodity. Its devalued. Yet this world of face to face, particularly with the Art world is essential . The hand written notes. Authenticity. Actuality. The human mind with the human hand. In Catherine's work, she bundles together sentences into a roll of gathered papers. Searching as to how the mind gathers, makes sense or connects with information. Its not a confusing. Compare it with how the mind has adapted to crafting through the online world.

I have found particularly in H.art that practitioners have the opportunity to engage with their clients by letting the public into the studios. This is so important. For me, it is the start of the story. The start of my engagement with my newly purchased piece of art. After all, with art, you are buying the artists unique hand crafted personal engagement with the subject. Much like Catherine's study of a handwritten letter, the craft of the pen in the handwriting leads the viewer to personally engage with the writer.

Engage on all levels and be accessible. Thats marketing...x

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