By annemcurtis


....................Well nearly.

It was raining today so we just didn't go out and put the flag out in Red, Green and Blue, I did some housework. I renewed indoor plants. Actually our house is basically a greenhouse. If I eventually get a greenhouse I will be living in it.

Phone calls to the kids to arrange meeting at le weekend. Ah but I'm going to miss Cian Esme and Siobhan who are in Ireland with their other Granny........
I shall make a great fuss of Jody as he is starting to talk and everything that moves is a car so I must get him a bus and a tractor.
I talked a lot to my new Indian friends from the wedding on FB. its very difficult to distinguish names and who is related to who(m>>>>>not sure)

Alan made a delicious veggie pasta thing with nuts and veg and parmesan. It was a real hit.........Cant be letting him get better than me though so I'll have to do tomorrows dinner !!!!

Its late again so nighty night and I will look at your stuff now although I dont know when I'm going to fill in the gabs in the holiday diary.

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