My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Best blip meet ever today!

The gorgeous* nhc was back in the UK and we got together for lunch in London. The first time I've seen her in nearly 9 years!

We've known each other for nearly 22 years now and I had one of my best holidays ever with her in Villefranche in 1992 - blippers in the making blip archived here! And whilst it's ace that she now blips, so we keep reasonably up to date with each other and what's going on in our lives, there's nothing that beats a good old face to face catch up with hugs included too!

So of course we had to mark the occasion with blips of each other! So here you have her taking a picture of me taking a picture of her at Paddington Station! We got a few strange looks but what fun! Another one did really make me laugh - here she is with an unfeasibly tall man - but as we'd set out to do motion blur, I felt I should honour that in my blip choice! Just wish I hadn't gone so slow so as to avoid the blur on everything in the picture!!!

Train back home and a chilled night ahead of me.

Thank you nhc - loved seeing you again today - let's not leave it so long til the next time!

* Gorgeous in lots of ways but not least her most amazing hair - beautiful auburn colour with the most fab curls! - and a laugh that is so joyous!

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