By Artyfartyannie

The Invitation

I have a few little addictions and one of them is stationary. I think Indian stationary is lovely. This was our invitation to the recent wedding. I am also addicted to stamps.........Sad I know but I wouldn't take that one too far. I think did have a stamp album when I was young so maybe that is how I got to like them. I'm addicted to nice paper and have a huge collection of wrapping paper. I nearly bought some today but I restrained myself for once. Needless to say my favourite shop is "Paperchase". I hardly ever buy anything but I just dream about what I could do with all the lovely textured home made paper etc

Today there was nothing much to write on blip about. A regular day for me with a fair shot of gardening thrown in. I've made a few decisions about the garden and where and how I'm going to place the last of my garden center so that is progress. I think I will take more action tomorrow. Alan was ahead of the game today and stole my cooking slot. It was a simple but delicious meal of salmon veg and potatoes in the oven. I tried not to eat too many of them and had a wine free day.

I'm not very pleased with myself again. Why can I not just blip something real easy and write a line or two. Oh no, I took 2 photos and joined them together which, as you know is a nightmare when you only have a basic photoshop. I am going to really try and simplify next time! What is the matter with someone who will NOT learn from her mistakes............Stupidity?.......
I just looked up the word thrawn, a Scottish word, which I always thought meant not listening to people's advice or even your own advice but this is what the dictionary said about
thrawn (thrôn)
adj. Chiefly Scots
1. Crooked or twisted; misshapen.
2. Perverse; contrary.

That'll be the answer then. Do you know I'm not entirely pleased with this but I'm not doing it again. I could but I'm not. What I would have done is to make the envelope evenly shiny all over but then I suppose there would be another problem !!!!!!!

Good night again peeps, bleeps ( short for blippers)

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