The blip of the Beast

Today we took a day of cycling and had a day with the family. In the morning we went into town, looked round the market and did shopping things. Once that was done we went to to the village of La Gacilly where there is an annual outdoor photo exhibition. This year is their tenth anniversary so it was extra special, with loads of extra pictures and events.

Today's blip is a picture of someone else's pictures, but I thought it was fair game for a blip because they are such an enormous prints and they look so stunning in context. The exhibition was pretty impressive - some of the pictures were absolutely stunning and more will appear on Picasaweb once I've processed them.

After looking round the village we went for lunch in a very busy restaurant - they were turning people away it was so busy.

After returning to our B&B we had a walk from it down to the river and picked some blackberries from the very resplendent brambles growing in the hedge in the lane to the B&B.

This blip is also blip number 666, which depending on the translation you read, could be the number of the beast, and the picture is indeed a photograph of photographs of beasts. It's a bit cheesy but there we we are.

(back blip - still catching up)

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