The last flower bud

This may be the last of the annuals. I don't even think this bud will come out. It is all down hill from here...........and that probably includes me too....... :-))

It has been a good Saturday. Most of my intentions have gone out of the window.
I really do have to get out more.
Still I did have a good day and I did make the dinner, which was a Massaman curry (one I made earlier) and vegetables (Gordon) made in a simple Indian style from Kerala and chapati bread in honour of my new Indian friends on FB. They wont read this probably. If you do, guys and gals of Indian origin, and you like, please " like".

2 of my friends came over for a wee drinkie poo before dinner. The men came back from Rugby and we talked a bit about art and other things.

That's about the top and bottom of it ....he said

10 pm........No excuses for not going to bed soon.

Good nighty all bleeps

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