Well what a very non-descript weekend. I guess I needed to relax and today has certainly given me opportunity for that. A friend set a 'writing assignment' challenge where a group of 11 of us (from all over the world) had to write a story or poem containing the line "Slowly, she released her grip on the ribbon, and the yellow balloon drifted up into the air". I had to get it posted by 3:30pm today. I don't think it was that good and as for the time limit I posted it at 3:28pm. I completely ripped off two Cary Grant films in the process although I have highlighted this within the text. No one has commented on my effort yet and to be honest having read the other attempts which are moody, deep and thought-provoking I am not surprised. I guess I get the wooden doesn't matter. I enjoyed writing something that wasn't study related and it's a welcome, novel distraction :-). It was the same sort of relaxation I get when I knit and the resulting effort is full of large, uneven holes, I carry on regardless knowing it will all need to be unraveled once complete. The process is the enjoyable bit...maybe .... I don't have the same laid-back attitude to work or study though, maybe that's why I take things so seriously.

Today's blip is nuts! I have 3 bowls of snacks out (I am attempting to make up for my failure to make breakfast). 1 bowl of sesame sticks (delicious and crispy despite their June sell by date), 1 bowl of salted peanuts (awful, where did the salt go and why do they taste so bland?), 1 bowl of roasted peanuts (passable with an element of the odd yucky one a.k.a. peanut Russian roulette). Made me realise how much study has affected my ability to fill the cupboards with edible items...

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