Gondola city

Started the day on a brighter note by waving to some Japanese tourists going past on a gondola. From then on, things progressed rapidly:

- Bought a yacht
- Dined in Venice's finest restaurant with a Hollywood star
- Upgraded to a sea view
- Went to the opera with the chief of police

They are obviously embellishments...my actual day can be more factually described as the following:

- Bought a captain's hat
- Found a decent, moderately-priced restaurant with actual pieces of meat, not just pizza and pasta.
- Found the hotel's roof terrace, from which ALL the church bells in the city could be heard
- Read my book and googled Phantom of the Opera, which I thought was set in Venice (it's not - Paris).


- Sat for a bit
- Saw a wedding party in San Marco Square ("bravo!")
- Got sunburnt
- Watched a lady tramp take a piss down an alleyway
- Caught Yesska's cold

So excited to eat some real food, not just tourist cack; roast potatoes and lamb have never tasted so good! And- Johnny Depp had been to our restaurant whilst filming The Tourist - we sat right where he'd been photographed!

Today's ice cream: coffee AND hazelnut

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