By Onomatopees

You showed me where to go.

#18. Floals - Blue Blood.

"Dude, it's cool that you're taking a hundred pictures of the BNF, but we're gonna be late you know". That was Clara's comment, and when I'm usually 10mn late, Clara is 45 minutes late. Not even kidding. So yeah, we had to meet up with her friends from Mexico around the canal St Martin, and we were still chilling at the exact opposite of the city. That's how we roll.

Have such a good memory of that day. We woke up in the middle of the afternoon, decided to go to Opera to have Bubble teas and dumplings, then headed up to Quai de la Gare (that you can see on the picture) to go to the movies, oh but no it's too sunny to lock ourselves up, let's have a walk until the time comes to go to the Canal.

And I think Quai de la Gare is my favourite place in Paris, it's like a small city inside the city, with modern buildings and so much space compared to the rest of Paris. The typical Paris lover would complain and tell you its architecture doesn't correspond to the norm here, but oh well, I don't really bother, I would never be tired of walking around there - at least it's daring and calm.

And Foals. Pleace listen to Foals, although they have nothing to do with the picture.

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