this luminous life.

By Laura

Yesterday, the 50mm lens on my DSLR finally worked so I was able to dust it off and use it for the first time this summer! I'm pleased with yesterday's picture and it motivated me to start going on mini-photo shoots again. However, I took the camera out today and found the the lens is still shot. So it's back to the point and shoot, as usual. I guess I was just lucky yesterday. Sigh.

Having a five-week break between classes allows me plenty of time to finally get my nose into books again. I've been reading non-stop every bit of free time I get lately and I love it!

Kudos if you know what book this is (without Googling the text). Admittedly, I have yet to start this and opened it to a random page for a blip, but I'm really excited to start reading it! I've wanted to read it for years and now I finally own a copy.

Also, the bookmark I use has one of my favorite Dr. Suess quotes:

"Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So... get on your way."

a year ago: University of Illinois.

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