Gillipaw's Journal

By Gillipaw

Biomass Heating System

We went to Scripture Union Scotland's Big Celebration at Lendrick Muir. Both of the boys had been at summer camps this year, so it was good to meet folk, hear about the work and see the Centre.

I was impressed with the newly installed renewable energy heating system for the Glendevon Unit. It runs on wood fuel in either chip or pellet form, locally sourced, which has been seasoned for about 18 months. The delivery truck goes up the ramp at the left hand side and dumps it into the fuel silo. A large Archimedes screw then transfers the fuel into the boiler.

Woodburning usually produces less than one per cent ash. This is then used to fertilise the garden.

One of the staff demonstrated how the roof opens, revealing the silo below.

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