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Happy Birthday Slug!

Euan's 11th Birthday today. We were wakened at the back of seven this morning - a Sunday! - with Euan's less than subtle attempts at rousing us. This involved ensuring all the doors leading from the kitchen to our bedroom were open after which he proceeded to slam cupboard doors and drawers, rattled cutlery and plates and shook cereal boxes, all under the pretence of making his own breakfast. This cunning plan succeeded so we relented and let him open his cards and presents and I think he was pleased with his haul.

As he was the subject of yesterday's blip I've posted a shot today of his big sis getting in some practice on Euan's present, Wii Sports Resort before we set off for the real thing this afternoon as Euan's Birthday treat. It's then back for his choice of a Mexican meal and some of his mum's home baked birthday cake.

I just love Funday's...

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