By Rebekah


Although Autumn signifies the arrival of something that I deeply dislike (the cold) it also signifies something that I really do like - rich colours. I love deep reds so much that even my hair is that colour. The rich reds and oranges you see at this time of year reminds me that mulled wine and cuddling-up-on-the-sofa season is just around the corner... a season that I get on with very well. The colours never last long enough, though.

Photo taken at Stockgrove Country Park where mum and I went for a lovely afternoon walk. Wishing the focus was more on the berries than the branch, but hey.

My 4-month-long summer is at it's end this evening, as tomorrow is my first induction day for my Masters programme. Feeling the nervous excitement that I did as a kid before the first day of school. Bag is already packed and ready to go. Wish me luck!

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