By wingpig

as you were

I was so intrigued I stopped to see exactly what he was doing. Due to the lighting and my position across the other side of the road I couldn't tell if he was holding a mobile in an innovative way, seeing what the time was or taking his pulse. It turns out when inspected and enhanced that he was just straightening his cuff very, very carefully whilst smoking a cigarette or possibly holding a white pen in his mouth. At least he was keeping himself to himself and not imposing his presence forcibly on those around him, unlike Captain Shouty with his shouty barking about itineraries, best routes and expected results or some other garbage. Luckily he was too busy holding his fashion-bags, walking and jabbering all at once without being run over whilst crossing the road so I was able to trot ahead and blatantly turn round to catch him in the light as he caught up. It might be rude but he started it.

I did have something half-planned to waffle about this evening but I've forgotten the precise thread. Hmmm. I shall post another link to cover my confusion and pop out for a walk to see if I remember.

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