A fish... biologist.

By HuskyLugs

Personal Bests All Round.

Today was my last official 10k distance event of 2013 making it my last chance to run a sub-60 this year.

After a late night at The Little Kicks album launch at a pop-up venue in town I groaned my way out of bed to get ready to drive myself and some well appreciated supportive friends up to Inverness.

It was a warm and beautiful day for the scenic run. I set off at 10am and managed to run my way into my first sub-60 10K with a chip time of 00:51:23 and Becky finished her first ever marathon in an impressive 04:39:33 - PBs all round!

After some hearty Baxter's broth and a good stretch of ache-y muscles in the sun we headed back down to Aberdeen for a good and well deserved night's sleep.

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