Jambo journal

By IainC

The Grand Bazaar

That's bazaar not bizarre by the way. Though definitely a bit of the latter, what with about 4,000 shops/stalls to deal with in one sitting. Actually sitting would of been OK, it was the walking that was the problem! But we bought a wee bauble so it was well worth it. Don't know that K would ever make it out of their alive though; there are just too many leather handbags to handle. And if she did, D would definitely be in the poor house. Not sure what drugs these people that write guide books are on but if we tried to do everything suggested in the Day 1 itinerary I'd be writing this from the A&E. As it was, we hit the Afasofya and Topkapi Palace before the bazaar. Both great but we're kind if tiled out. Had two goes at visiting the Blue Mosque but the queues were crazy both times so maybe tomorrow. More tiles await. More meze await. Even more Effes await.

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