Today (back bliped on October 6th) a friend asked if it was October 3rd...In some ways I wish it was. That would mean one last day on the beaches of southern Thailand, and that I'm not falling more behind on my blips. However, as you've probably experienced, it's no easy task going through photos and deciding which one makes it to Blipland, which ones should be saved, and which ones should be tossed. I guess it could be a good problem, meaning lots of pictures and lots of memories, but in many ways, sitting at my desk and looking through all these shots after coming back to the real world makes me sad. The pictures don't do the places justice. They just can't communicate the whole feeling, the fresh ocean air, the spray of sea salt, the sound of monkeys in the trees (and going through the garbage.) Oh well, at least the memories remain, temptations to go back sometime soon.

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