tall timber

The cottage I live in has two HUGE conifers which tower over the house, one in the back garden and one in the front.
It now has one.
Sadly, the tree at the front has over the last few months dropped a couple of equally huge branches, one of which took out the power line while I was in Cairns recently. Thankfully, gorgeous neighbours T and B phoned me and ran an extension lead to keep the fridge and freezer from collapsing into a smelly heap. Equally lovely electrician P sorted out the power so all was well.
However with the prospect of more falling limbs it was time to take out the tree.

This is tree lopper J at a mighty height with his team of lads on the ground, salvaging wood for next year's fire, the tree is now no more.

It's really sad as I believe that living in the hills is about living with trees, however the possibility of more downed power lines or, even worse, the tree on the roof, it had to go :(

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