By wingpig

how cool was that rain?

If only my camera was waterproof. Given the heaviness of the rain I didn't want to risk my free-hotel-shower-cap makeshift rain-cover so I popped into a doorway to get this. It says a lot for my camera bag that even after a fantastically splishy-sog walk home after which I was able to pour half a pint of water out of my trainers my camera was completely dry. My portable telephone might have suffered slightly from being in a non-waterproof trouser pocket though.

Almost remembered most of what I was going to say yesterday. As it was a bit grey throughout most of the morning but nice and sunny when I left work I was wandering along all happily looking at the shiny bright things thinking how nice things are. Then I encountered the shouting oaf at Tollcross who (though highly annoying) did not manage to wreck my mood the way cyclists on the pavement at the end of a walk sometimes can. I started thinking something along the lines of how even on a grey and glowpit day there are little moments of beauty all over the place if you loko at them the right way. On a sunny day they're still there but they don't really need to be because everything else looks nice anyway BUT the extra niceness from the sun helps keeps you happy enough to not care that much about the presence of shouty telephone-oaves as much as one usually might.

That's what I was thinking at the time anyway. it doesn't always hold true as I can recall being very annoyed in the past to be walking blissfully home after a weekend early-morning hill-scamper only to encounter a moron bellowing arrogantly phone-wise on Holyrood Park Road. Maybe it only works when its nice and sunny after it's been a bit dull earlier.

That's why the rain is so fantastic... people are too damply subdued to exhibit their usual populace-annoying behaviours. If the rain is heavy enough to completely soak your feet then it doesn't even matter if someone drives through a puddle too close and too quickly. Even little old people are too busy making sure their umbrellas are protecting their tweedy coat things to bother waving them around near your eyes.

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