Steph's window on life...

By SJordan

I miss this place!

I had my scrapbooking class this morning and got my 2 London pages done, they look pretty good if I may say so myself. :) After the class Auntie Debs and I went to do a wee bit of shopping, then got some lunch and took it back to Doreen's, to have with her and Mum. After lunch, I got the bus into town, and headed up to Queen's. I went to the library to sort a few things and print some stuff, before heading down to Clements to meet Emma and Anthony for coffee. It was lovely to have a wee catch up with them, as it's been a while since I've seen them. While walking around the grounds, I realised just how much I'm missing Queen's. Although I'm technically still a student until I graduate in December, it's just not the same. I miss being on the MA, the classes, the conversations, intellectual discussion and of course the gang! This real life malarkey sucks... And to top it off, I'm on my way to work... Steph.

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