By Brotographer

The Piazza

Because my project involves ridiculous amounts of fluid dynamics, I decided to drop one of my boring modules (precision engineering) in favor of a much more difficult but relevant one, Advance Fluid Dynamics. Went to my first lecture today, needless to say it was disgustingly difficult. I've come to the conclusion though that this year I can afford to take less modules and not overcat, but go for more interesting and challenging ones instead of easy ones.

The module is also ran by Dennisenko, my project supervisor. Right after the lecture, we had a meeting with him and Lockerby about the nature of the project. I'm enthusiastic but it's gonna be challenging work and there's a lot of details to work out.

After that, I met up again with the boys Adrien, Sam and Gav at Terrace Bar and made plans for future nights. Took this shot out the window as well, since the lighting was pretty sick.

We had a last notice gathering of people at our house. A bunch of different people's friends came by so there were a couple new faces for me. Another late night of chilling to add to the pile!

It's been a very relaxed first week back, seeing tons of familiar and new faces! My to-do list grows ever bigger, but then again there's a lot of exciting plans getting made for the future. My blipping has been a bit all over the place, so I'll try to cut down on the haphazardness of it and make it more coherent.


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