River of Flowers

By doffy

Planning the Next Necklace

I spent a fairly relaxing day making jewellery while MrD was whizzing up and down the ladder and scaffolding removing the wood from the side of the dormer and replacing it with new wood. I was on tea duty but it was quite a task to get him to stop long enough to gulp a cup of tea down. He got the job finished before nightfall though and is now trying to relax as he is working tomorrow.

Being back in the jewellery making groove, as I'm making one piece I'm planning the next! The blue flower shaped shell in the blip and the pearls may be the next necklace I make, I may also add in some silver metal beads and definitely silver coloured wire. These are the tools which I have used since I first started making jewellery almost three years ago.

Had a lovely surprise when Mr & Mrs Toad popped in with a printout of William Sowden's DCM. She was also intrigued by yesterday's kaleidoscope blip, and I showed her how the iPad can create this effect very simply.

By this evening the wind has dropped, it is a bit warmer outside and still dry. It was quite windy this afternoon when I collected a bucketful of leaves, they were blocking the drains and are better in the leaf mould bin!

Hope your Saturday went well, have a nice Sunday x

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