"When You're a Stranger"

I noticed the huge box of dining chairs on our front porch when we got home last night, but couldn't deal with the package on the counter which I was quite sure was the Ilford camera, part of the Blipfoto "When You're a Stranger" project for which I put my name forward a few months ago. At that time I was a stranger which gave new meaning to the whole enterprise for me.

Gently encouraged by Blipcentral not to procrastinate, I decided to approach the first person I met who I thought would make an interesting image. Taking OilMan and Ozzie with me for added legitimacy and reassurance we headed for Spring Lake park which is always busy on a beautiful Sunday morning. We hadn't gotten out of the parking lot before I spotted my subjects--two guys in waders and boots with inflatable floats on their backs, flippers hanging from their suspenders and fishing poles in their hands.

Sean (sorry if I spelled that wrong…) and Matt were happy to oblige and I snapped a picture of them both (how could I pick just one?) took another for this journal with my new iPhone and gave them a card with my blip address so they could find themselves. Note to Blipcentral: It's hard to write on a black card with an ordinary pen.

They may be disappointed. When I got home I realized that I had pressed the "video" button and recorded myself talking with them and some footage of the inside of my pocket. It looked like there was one still shot,but for whatever reason, I am unable to upload it to my computer. I'm sure yesterday's camera class teacher could have sorted me out in a trice, but if I don't figure something out, then, sorry Sean and Matt, but you got beaten out by a Night Heron lurking in the muddy backwaters of Spring Lake.

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