By Arrow

100 - I have an extreme case of Blipitis!!!

Can't believe I'm at 100 already, my first ever blip seems five minutes ago!

Some symptoms of Blipitis:
~ An addiction to one's camera
~ Seeing everything as a possible photo
~ Getting frustrated if one has missed a good photo opportunity
~ Pining for a camera
~ Getting funny looks from people when you do all sorts of weird things with your camera
And so many more......!

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and comments, I could not have got here without you! I was going to do 100 blips, see if I liked Blipfoto, them buy a membership. The resolution to that is the fact that I don't like Blip - I love it!

The headlight is Becka's - I did the blip quickly, as not to drain charge from the battery!

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